Old Town Neighborhood Association is working on the possibility of establishing a permanent farmer's market as a city amenity. —


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The following slideshow offers farmers' market inspiration:



• Goal:
Establish a farmer's market that meets the needs of the neighborhood and the vendors while maintaining the historic context

• Compatible & ‘floodable', open on the lower level building with elevated areas for restrooms and Market Master's office

• Include:
electric and water for vendors

•  Extended Season Sales:
Christmas trees & greens
Thanksgiving turkeys
Halloween pumpkins & fall mums

•  Permanent market with facilities and established traffic will attract more vendors and customers.


• Bishop’s Landing offers parking, space for a building on property already owned by the city, a river view, proximity to the Historic District, Frontier Park, and Katy Trail.

• Synergy: A farmers’ market at Bishop’s Landing will benefit from the strolling crowds of South Main — and the entire area will benefit from the market traffic. More business for all! The entire city will benefit.

• The historic village ambience and brand of South Main will lend weight and reputation to the farmers’ market.

• A well-designed permanent market structure with facilities for vendors and visitors will draw quality vendors. Market traffic will follow and the market can operate more months of the year. 

• Source of local produce for area restaurants

• Opportunity to incorporate music and art

• Established traffic: South Main draws visitors from entire St. Louis metro area and far beyond.

• A large percentage of South Main visitors are drawn by the ambience of the District, not individual businesses… and therefore spend more time shopping, browsing, strolling.

• Farmers’ market is one more reason to visit and shop in St. Charles.

• Some markets also include shops & resturants — the Bishop's Landing location, adjacent to South Main would have no need for shops & restaurants inside the market.

• Dock at Bishop’s Landing could be utilized as a fishing dock adjacent to the market — kids fish, mom & dad shop.

• With more activity at Bishop’s Landing, perhaps an excursion boat could again be attracted.

• Abundance of hard surface for intense traffic avoids turf damage

• When not in use by the market, the building could be available for other activities.

• The market would be an ongoing event for the benefit of locals and an attraction for visitors.

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